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Re: EOS CCA SUCCESS!!!! 104 point increase!!!!
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I had a call from someone whom said that I had a debt owed from an ATT phone that my wife's ex husband took out like six years ago.  Last week we got a call from them that we owed money and said they would call it done for a payment of 400.00.  this came from someone whom said they were a manager.  


Long story short they took the 400 dollars and when they said it would be paid in full now have submitted back to the report that we still owe 217.00.  They said they would send us a paid in full form and that it would be taken care of.


We are trying to buy a house and this dropped her score almost 100pts which is now below the 620 needed.  We called back an told them to pull the tapes and listen to what the guy said and they told us a manager would call back-  No answer and now we cannot get through to anyone.


What do I do? Who do I call?  This needs to be resolved or I am not going to get to buy this house that I have already put 20k down on.  PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE ALL THIS OUT... ANY POINTERS WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.







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