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Another YAY thread
So as of today all of my collections are gone due to GW/DV/DISPUTE Smiley Happy))))

I have two student loan defaulted BUT taking the advice of this forum I am participating in a rehab prog. I will be finished with that on Nov 18th.

Now all I have left is 2 charged off CC accounts with GECRB (old navy, paypal) and some lates from mohela/fed loan/chase

I have GW'd them all but GECRB won't respond, mohela and fedloan say they are reporting accurately, and chase replied "we are looking into this further"

My questions -
1) Does anyone have good contact info advice for GECRB/ FEDLOAN/ MOHELA?

2) what results can I reasonably expect from the loan rehab completion of 2 student loans that defaulted and contained 30/60/90/120 lates.

3) I have one secured CC that reports as secured with a 300 limit and 2% util. Should I get another CC?
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