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Re: Another YAY thread
GECRB seems tough to get a good contact for- which is weird because of their size.

Student loan situation
Oklahoma student loan org. Owned 2 loans for me I truly never knew existed- I know where they came from and when just never knew that OSLA had a loan in my name. Anyways a few 120's later and they default the loan and mark it paid closed/default. Now Arkansas student loan guarantor picks it up (federal loan company correct?) they now report collection account seriously past due- I never paid them anything either due to the fact I didn't know it existed. They have a few 30/60/90/120's also reporting.

I learned of both of these TL's by running my report. I know from this site loan rehab is a good option so I contacted AR SLGF and asked them about it- they are ridiculously rude but sent me to pioneer credit to rehab the loan. Pioneer has been Amazing.

My 9th payment is nov 18th and I've already got direct loans buying the two accounts when my rehab is completed.

Just curious as to what my CR's will look like after all the smoke clears. And how much it will effect my score.

Also I have one secured CC through my bank. And it is my one and only CC.

As far as my credit scores go- last time I checked them (3 months ago) I was sitting around 550 with all 3- this is before any of my collections had been deleted. I'll update the scores when they post next month and also after all this loan rehab business.
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