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Re: Collection from EOS CCA (ATT) question.

You can send that DV, but legally they don't have to send all of that stuff. Per the FDCPA, they only have to send you the balance owed, the OC name, contact info, and a copy of the judgment if you were sued. You can ask for all the other stuff but they don't have to send it. They also have an unlimited amount of time to respond to the DV. It's not 30 days. The 30 days is the time you have once you receive an initial collection letter from them. If you don't send a DV within the 30 days of the dunning, then a DV is legally ineffective, though most CAs will respond anyway.


Since it is reporting, I'd personally send a DV, though I'd keep it to a couple of sentences (e.g. I pulled my reports and noticed a collection reporting. Per the FDCPA Sect. 809, please send me validation of this debt." or something like that. If they verified and I agreed, then I'd send a PFD.