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Re: Collection from EOS CCA (ATT) question.

I dealt with the creditor 2 weeks ago.  Same situation, showed up as a collection acct. for an AT&T bill.  I had zero luck with PFD, however, I paid the amount IN FULL, did not ask for a settlement, and I was then able to email and they deleted the tradeline.  This resulted in a 33 point increase, of course, I had lost the 33 points initially when the acct was added.  However, when I called to pay the collection, I was escalated to the 3rd level of mgmt because I was trying so hard for PFD, and the mgr told me that I could dispute that they had just purchased 3 million new accts.   He said once the acct is paid, that they don't really react to disputes.  I suggest paying it and then disputing or emailing.  Try PFD if you want, but my experiance was a flat out NO.



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