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How do you dispute an innacurate (DOFD) Date of First Delinquency Date?
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I have a few creditors on my report who have been lieing, saying I've made payments when I have not.  I'm learning that this is a trick a number of them have been using to keep your credit line open on your records as long as possible.  How do you dispute their DOFD or force them to prove your DOFD date?  Is there a certain dispute wording you need to use?


I was thinking about disputing with the Credit Reporting Agency (Equifax) and saying DOFD is falsly reported, no payments made in over _ years. Date should be around _. Please provide proof of the DOFD.


Anyone tried this, can it work and force them to actually provide proof like copies of record, receipts of payment from the client, etc.?


My guess is the original creditor will just respond back to the CRA that it's valid and isn't required to provide them with proof, since they technically don't provide them with proof for anything else they report and keep financial records confidential.  They are just taking their blind word for it based on whatever number they choose to submit and putting me on the line to try to prove that it's older.  Which means I should have kept better records of my last payment but I never knew about all this back then and didn't think I'd be in such a horrible financial situation years later.  So what are you supposed to do?  If anything they should be forced to prove the date with past payment receipts.


How can I defend myself to get the DOFD date changed so it can fall off?