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Re: How do you dispute an innacurate (DOFD) Date of First Delinquency Date?
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DOFD has absolutely nothing to do with the date of any payment.

DOFD is the date when you first went delinquent on an account, and did not bring the account back into good standing.

Reporting updates of other informatio,  as long as it is not specfically reported as a DOFD, is not illegal reaging of the reported DOFD.


What derogs are reported on the account?  Reporting of a DOFD is only required by the creditor if they have reported a charge-off or placed the account for collection.  If they take either of those actions, they are required under FCRA 623(a)(5) to report the DOFD on their account to the CRA within 90 days thereafter.  If the account does not include the reporting of either a CO or collection, the DOFD is irrelevant, and is not required to have even been reported.


If DOFD is relevant to your account, then its reporting was mandated, and it must be in your credit file.  The consumer has the right to obtain from the CRA any information reported to their credit file under the provisions of FCRA 609(a)(1) by simply sending them a request under that section, accompanied by proof of identity and the current processing fee, which is $11.00.  That provides definitive evidence of what was reported as a DOFD.