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Re: should I try PFD or pay and then send GW?

ellicel wrote:
I'm getting ready to send a PFD to Unique National Collections for $134 I owe my local library. Their verification letter says payment can be made directly to the library. Should I continue by sending a PFD offer to the CA or just go down to the library and pay it then ask the CA to delete it through a GW letter?

The original delinquency is from June 2008.

If the CA says I can pay the library, does that mean the library is still the owner of the account? Should I try asking them to direct their collection agency to remove it from my account?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me!

All of what you just said


yeah they assigned the debt, so I would contact that library and ask in exchange for payment would the mind recalling the debt and advise the CA to delete.


The CA doesn't have to do this, but they likely would to appease their client..


I would advise talking to someone in the libraries finance office if they have one..



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