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Progress report and ? on SW not updating

Noticed today that sw hasn't updated my score in over 3 weeks. Pulled my EQ bureau and realized that I got my tax lein and judgement deleted (unless its a fluke- but equifax isn't showing it and I have no open disputes at this time). Wondering if they weren't hurting me at all? All I have left for baddies are a 6 year old bk, a couple of 30 day lates student loans/unsec loan and one 60 day lates (most recent 30 was Jan 12 and 30 was over a year ago). I have a few paid medical collections and 2 unpaid (waiting to try a pay for delete on all of the collections before I pay- every med coll on my report is the same CA) and then I have high util. Have paid util from 100% to about 72-74% but hasnt reported yet. Score stuck at 473- up from 416 2 months ago. Everyone cross their fingers that score watch updates soon with some good news. I have my last round of diputes out now (filed today), and Hipaa letters sent too (no reply yet, only a week left on my 30 day deadline). 

Starting Score: EQ 416 TU 498 EX 468 Lender Fico's July 2012
Current Score: EQ 674 TU 679 Ex 686 EX
Goal Score: For now: 640s

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