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Re: How do you dispute an innacurate (DOFD) Date of First Delinquency Date?

Which date does the CRA go by when determining the length of time it can be reported?  EQ has both a "Date of First Delinquency" column and also a "Date Major Delinquency First Reported" column.  These seem redundant but they can have different dates.  In my case, the acct was closed in 12/2006, so they have that reporting as DOFD but then under the other column it has a date of 10/2010 when there was no activity on the account at all.  And then a "Date Opened" in 9/2010.  This makes it look like I had an account with this company and defaulted in 2010, when in reality, the debt buyer probably bought the account in 2010.