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Re: How do you dispute an innacurate (DOFD) Date of First Delinquency Date?

Very simply, when a party reports to a CRA, they provide a specific reporting code that is associated with and identifies the information being reported.


They have a specific statutory requirement (FCRA 623(a)(5)) to report the date of first delinquency on the OC account to the CRAs if they report any information related to an account that has either been charged-off or referred for collection.  That reporting must be provided within 90 days after reporting of such information.

Reporting of that specific item is provided under the reporting code "FCRA Compliance Date/Date of First Delinquency."


To dispute reporting of an improper DOFD, you must have evidence of what they reported under that code.  Other reporting codes are irrelevant to an assertion of improper reporting of a DOFD.


To determine the reported DOFD, you can always file a section 609(a)(1) request with the CRA for the specific DOFD reported as the "FCRA Compliance Date/Date of First Delinquency."  Until you have evidence of specific mis-reporting of that information, you do not have proof of improper reaging of a DOFD.