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Re: DV'd through email

kobe2012 wrote:

So, I emailed them again and gave an offer... someone from the office replied and said they can't take the offer... "if i pay the full amount by 10/31, they will delete" gave me one day!!!! haaaa... the worst deal ever!!

LOL, that's horrible!  How bad is it hurting you?  If its not causing you too much trouble, I'd let it drop before I paid them in full.


My ex had a collections from 2002 for $1000, they offered to settle for 10%, lol.  Way past SOL and probably not even on his report any longer, they just want something, anything, to keep their lights on! 


I'm surprised your CA is not being more flexible.  Maybe they think they will try for the highest first before they fold.  Try an actual letter instead of an email, it might go to someone different who will accept.