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Sharing my success since starting this journey 10/10/12--and also need advice

I started getting serious about reparing my credit after years of ignoring it on 10/10/12 when I applied for a car loan through my credit union and was told I would not be approved because my credit score was under 600. It was 599 through EQ. I was dissappointed so starting looking online and I am so thankful I found this site!!


So far I have sent 3 PFD letters and out of those 3, I received two letters back stating that "per their clients request, they are closing this account and will delete all information previously reported to the bureaus". (Yay!). The 3rd one accepted my PFD settlement offer at 20% of the original amount (orig amount $600) so I have paid it and it was deleted immediately.


The 4th one is AFNI. I know many people on here have had issues with them. I sent them a DV letter because I have never had a verizon account in my entire life and apparently verizon was the OC from 2005. I never heard back from the letter which I expected. So after reading the posts about AFNI I decided to send an email to them, thought it may be worth a shot. I recieved an email back immediately stating they are unable to locate the account in question. I corresponded back and forth with them yesterday and apparently this collection is in someone else's name, which is a similar name to mine. I told them there is obviously a mistake because that person is not me.  So they then asked me to call customer service to discuss the matter. I called and almost immediately they starting asking for my SSN, etc which I told them I am not willing to give this information over the phone and if this debt is truly mine then they should already have my information. They also stated that without a complete account number they would not be able to help me. I explained that the only account number I have is the one listed on my CR which omits the last four numbers. The Rep was rude despite my politeness so i knew I would get no where with her.


This morning I replied to the last email from yesterday and stated:




I called the customer service number at your request. The representative stated she could not help me because I do not have a complete account number therefore she would be unable to help me at this time. I informed her that I had been communicating via email today about this issue and was asked to call customer service regarding the account.  She asked me to verify my SSN which I informed her I am not willing to do over the phone. She stated without me giving that information, she would not be able to help me and recommended I reply to the email to let someone know what transpired during the call.


I am not sure how to handle this situation from here.  I have never heard of this company before, never received any correspondence from this company, never had an account with verizon, and now no one can explain to me why this information is showing up on my credit report.  As I have previously stated, under the FDCPA I have the right to request the validity of this debt.  I request that AFNI prove that I am indeed the party who is contractually obligated to pay this debt.  Reporting invalidated information to major credit bureaus violates Federal Law.


I would like documentation proving AFNI’s ability to collect this alleged debt from myself, A.M.  I would appreciate a response with a recommendation of how to proceed.





I recieved this email back this morning:

Dear A.M.,

Thank you for your inquiry.  You can call XXX-XXX-XXXX to speak with a Consumer Relations Specialist regarding the account.


Customer Relations Specialist

Recovery Team │ Receivables Management


So my question is, how do I proceed from here? The number they are asking me to call now is a different one from yesterday. After reading the posts here, everyone states to not have phone conversations with the CA and that there needs to be a paper trail. If I call back, they are going to ask for my SSN, etc which again I am not going give over the phone. What should my next step be? Any advice would be appreciated!


Sorry this is so long-winded but wanted to give as much information as I could so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.