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Re: Sharing my success since starting this journey 10/10/12--and also need advice

So am I reading this right, that they have not responded correctly to your DV?  Unless I read it wrong, have they sent you the account information showing it was yours?  It hasn't been quite 30 days yet, almost.


What are some of the techniques others have used to get rid of them?  If you see that others have successfully used BBB or CFPB, then you can try that too, but I think you have to give them the full 30 days?


Definitely don't give them your social or anything else!  I wouldn't talk to them by phone either.  They can be very tricky and intimidating and might trick you into agreeing to something.


I'm not 100% accurate on the DV process, but make a checklist and make sure you are following that process exactly and start counting them down, then move on to the next step.  Don't entertain those clowns.