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Re: Sharing my success since starting this journey 10/10/12--and also need advice on AFNI

I really appreciate the responses. They do not have my address that I am aware of.  I have lived at the same address for 8 years and have never recieved anything from them. They have not responded to the DV but after reading the other posts about this company, it doesn't appear that they ever respond. When I called yesterday and gave them my name and the partial account number I found on my CR, they said they could not locate anything. That is when they started pushing for my SSN which I wouldn't give. My thoughts on this are, if they are trying to collect money from a debt that actually belongs to me, then they should have my information, bottom line.


They will not respond to any emails now, they just keep sending the same response back stating I need to contact a customer relations specialist.


So obviosly since it would not be wise to get on the phone with them, I know I should wait out the full 30 days from the original DV, but then what should be my next step?