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Re: Progress report and ? on SW not updating
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The state tax lien was just a dispute. I filed it as vacated or dismissed and apparently after the 5th or 6th dispute they must have decided to let it go off. I am not really sure. Its just magically gone. I'm not counting my chickens yet as I would not be surprised if it popped back on. Another thing I noticed was my scorewatch alerted to my last disputes, and my score only went up 5 points with those items out of consideration. This is bad news for me. EQ hates us! I have a 615 today on TU, and FAKO EX is 594. I just don't get why EQ is so darn picky. And I have more baddies on EX (but also more good too). Guess I have to hope that utilization is the magic answer I am looking for. We have 4 months as of today before our lender pull for mortgage. Need midscore of 580. I think we will be okay as the scores I am getting on the other bureaus are looking better all the time. New utililization numbers should hit in the next 2-4 days, so we shall see. I will update new scores asap. 

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