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Re: EOS cca Success Timeline

Dexter80 wrote:

Sent paper DV - no response

10/29 Sent e-mails - no response

11/1 Online complaint BBB - 11/2 following message: 

Sent out DV, e-mailed the contacts - no reply.  Read someone's success story re: complaining to BBB - SCORE!  Just got this!


EOS CCA #: 20-487XXXXX | US Asset Management
            Original Creditor: AT&T Mobility | Creditor Account #:
Dear BBB:
Our client, US Asset Management, placed the above referenced account with our office on 8/13/2012.  The account has since been closed, and as such, our office will not contact ---- any further.  We have notified the credit bureaus to delete the above referenced account from their records.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 800-886-9177, extension 14348.



I literally teared up when I read this.  THANK YOU MYFICO FORUM!!!

My time line was about 20 days start to finish..


Yay to everyone!!



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