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Re: Debt Validation Letter Success for Banfield Pet Hospital

 Thank you for contacting Banfield Pet Hospital regarding the Wellness Plan for your pet.  Unfortunately, based on the services used out of the Wellness Plan package, we cannot accept a settlement of only $XXX.00.  The $319.50 is the remaining balance due to pay off the Puppy Early Care Plus plan, enrolled on 11/12/09.  You are welcome to make partial payments toward that balance, but the debt is valid, so we will be unable to withdraw it from your credit report.  We have attached a copy of the Wellness Plan agreement to this email. You can contact our Client Financial Services team if you would like to discuss the account with a representative. 


So MyFico'ers - what's my next move?  Should I pay the OC directly and GW?  Attempt to PTD again with the CA (IC Systems)?  

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