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GW fun, EQ Stubbornness, and other shenanigans
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Hello there, folks. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the contributors to this board for being an excellent source of education. It's fantastic to have a reference from both everyday folk and professionals alike in one little spot.


So. . . Been using ScoreWatch and purchasing random TU reports for the past few months, as the wife and I are in the process of chasing down a first-timers' FHA mortgage. So far, so good. We've managed to get credit usage down to the elusive 50% mark with a sort of snowballing payment methodology (it was far lower at the beginning of the year, but then there was the whole wedding and honeymoon thing. Reserves got tapped HARD. You know how it goes), and I'm currently sitting at EQ 579/TU 605. I know the current balances being reported are lower than actual because of this post from TheNewWorldMan, but I'm trying to be very patient (except in this case, which you'll soon see).


I discovered the concept of GW letters. Figured "Hey, why not? All they can do is chuckle softly and throw it at the mail guy's head." Well, of four (or was it five) that were sent out, three resulted in good things. One was to a local credit union where I do 95% of my banking. They wiped the account in question out from even existing. The other was a single letter to GERCB for dings on JCPenney and Old Navy cards (first marriage, plastic-happy ex who didn't understand that "it was on sale" means jack when one can't cover the bill, still completely inept at money management, etc. Bet someone can relate). They were gracious enough to revise the history and report it almost immediately. 


Well, see, what had happened was. . . EX and TU took care of business almost immediately. EQ however. . . well, apparently they're the more stubborn of the three (and slowest to reflect positive changes from both personal observance and reading bits from other people). So EQ keeps reporting the JCP account as having three 30day'ers on file. I disputed. It came back. "Nope, we show three 30day'ers. We verified it with this stone tablet covered in Etruscan runes and this novelty pen shaped like a fish's head. That, and Melvin and Zephram in maintenance said it looked right to them. Go away or I shall taunt you a second time." (paraphrased to how it sounds in my head right about now). Needless to say, I'm getting miffed about it, and I want results now, by jingo! It's a Saturday evening, so there's naught to do as far as contact goes. . . or is there?


I called up the kind folks at GERCB (yes, they're getting a bit of butter and cinnamon because they helped a fella out) as per the most recent dispute report to verify that they'd covered their end. After a brief hold, some cat named Paul talked to a manager and found that they had in fact submitted updates to the bureaus. Any further issue would be on them being able to read reading when they can't read writing. So what to do? How do I get this response letter into someone's hands quickly? Like Monday, I want someone saying "Oh. . . oh, well. . . Gee, we screwed this one up, didn't we?" FAX!!! I need a fax number. Dear Google, hook me up yet again with your deep-reaching shadowy fingers! I found one of several (will happily post them if someone in charge says that's an okay thing to do), dialed it on my cell to make sure, and had to spend the next thirty seconds getting my vision back in line because of the shrill handshake tone that shot me in the face (note to self: don't put the phone up to ear when dialing a number that's probably an actual fax machine. It hurts something fierce).


Downlioaded the mail form from EQ, filled it in with the report number and offending account info while avoiding offedning whoever will read the thing, merged it with a scan of my response letter, and off she goes to the incoming tray via FaxZero (paid the two bucks to have an ad-free cover page). Now, whether this will be the tray of rekindled hope or the tray of anguish and shattered dreams. . . I suppose we'll see the outcome soon enough.



GW letters are great. EQ is slow.



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