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Re: GW fun, EQ Stubbornness, and other shenanigans in rebuilding - an anecdote

I don't have anything in writing. The student loans came off of deferment, and I threw away the notices thinking they were those annoying 'change in terms' letters or statements. So it was 30 days twice and 60 once before I caught it and got it on autopay. However, the lady was super nice and willing to delete them if I did autopay. Since it hadn't updated after several times of her 'manually' updating the bureau, I called her several times to try to get it fixed, as only EQ is not complying. This last time I called her, she sounded annoyed. I don't want to bother her cause it is not on her end. And if I refile disputes, she is the one who gets them. My fear is that she'll put all the lates back in. So I have nothing in writing to send in. This is the only solid difference in my reports, and EQ is 483 today, TU was 619 yesterday, and EX FAKO is 594. We need a 580 midscore, so I am hoping I can scrape by in March without EQ mattering, but it'd be nice to have the added security. My last step at this point is just getting util paid down. Don't think I will pull 100 EQ points off of util/aging alone. ): Any ideas you have for me would be great. 

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