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Re: GW fun, EQ Stubbornness, and other shenanigans in rebuilding - an anecdote

Ahh, I see. Yeah, I've learned recently about actually looking thru the mail instead of just saying "Oh, this redundant waste of paper again. . . Blah *toss at mail guy's head*"

(no, not really. Why would I throw an envelope at myself?!?)


Gotta love EQ not getting the picture. Maybe the utilities getting trimmed down plus aging will buffer it a bit to a low 500ish. If the others elevate up in kind, you might be alright.

TU - 618 / EQ - 603 / EX - 630something perhaps maybe?
Primary goal: FHA 1st-timer's minimum of 620 across the board ASAP
End game: mid 700s across the board at some point in the next couple of years