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Re: Will they report?
Are you subscribed to credit karma? Or any other credit monitoring website?

CK is free and you can update it everyday to watch and see if the late gets posted. If it does get to work on GW the lender and explain your situation.

It's truly impossible to say if/when it will be reported. I can say it is unlikely they would not report at all for the month. They WILL report - you just have to hope that based on your apparent good payment history, system update timing, and procedures for the lender that they will over look the late and report as paid as agrees- which is a possibility, it has happened for me that a 41 day late wasn't reported when I called and asked for a supervisor. I made the late payment and current In one lump sum and explained that I was having debit card issues with the cars used to make payments normally on the account. The supervisor said she knows things happen and because of my 18 month good payment history with no late she didn't feel as I was being negligent so she waved the late as a "system update error" and showed it paid on time as agrees

Anyways sorry for long post. Good luck with whatever happens.
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