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Re: 611 Credit One Bank

Ficofeind wrote:

After failing to get the negative information removed by the CRA's I sent a letter directly to Credit One Bank.  They are reporting on both Experian and TransUnion. Account status Closed and payment status charged off.  I requested they validate what they are reporting.  I got this reply:


Thank you for your inquiry with Credit One Bank. Please be advised that ownership of this account has been transferred to Sherman Financial.


We have forwarded your inquiry to them, on your behalf. To discuss your issue further, or for more information, you can reach them at:


I am wondering how I can get them to remove these negative items.  I certainly can't offer to settle.  I was thinking of sending them a copy of their response and a letter asking for removal.  I'm not sure how it should be worded. 


Can someone help me please? I would greatly appreciate any and all help.



I think we'll need more information, i.e. how old is it, what is the outstanding balance, why can't you offer a PFD?

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