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Re: Any Advice On Getting Portfolio Recovery To Delete?
This company is very difficult to deal with but, I was able to have both tradelines deleted.

As I will tell anyone here EVERYTIME if the debt is yours then I feel it's your responsibility to pay it, if the company accepts a PFD or lower balance that is just as good to me.
But like I say always- your credit score is a direct reflection of responsibility. I will be the first to say that things happen, but when you are able to take care of the debt YOU created then prove you are responsible and credit worthy.

With that being said.

I paid my balance with portfolio recovery- almost 1k dollars. I called and offered to pay the original balance minus their charges/interest for the time they held the account. They agreed and sent me paperwork signed/printed by a supervisor - then I paid then in full with a one time payment.

I called a month later and asked them to delete the tradeline as a GW adjustment. They stated it was illegal to report incorrectly.

A month later they reported that I still owed the interest and reported more KD on my reports.

I filed a dispute because
A) I had signed paperwork showing the balance paid in full with reciept.
B) they had been reporting false 10$ payments from the time they obtained both accounts for me- highly incorrect I did not pay .01¢ ever until the lump sum payoff.
C) They were also reporting as factoring agency.

Both tradelines were removed a week later and are still gone. And I felt a nice 30-40 point gain on all 3 CRA.

Good luck. Just remember to TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPINSIBILITIES don't try to get out from them with different methods-
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