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Re: GW fun, EQ Stubbornness, and other shenanigans in rebuilding - an anecdote

Just a bit of an update. I spoke with a nice lady at CSC Services on Tuesday. She gave me another fax number to send the documents directly to them, saying it might take EQ a couple of days to even start pushing the papers to them. Amazing how easy things go when one initiates a conversation with "How're you doing this morning?" I was on and off the phone in all of five minutes and change. 


I have also received an automated e-mail from EQ saying that the reinvestigation has begun. So far, so good. Hopefully Zephram and Melvin get it right this time! 


Also, ScoreWatch alert woke me up last night, but I certainly did not mind. 579 to 603. Gave me an excuse to go snag a cookie from the kitchen to celebrate another small victory.

TU - 618 / EQ - 603 / EX - 630something perhaps maybe?
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