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Re: Looking for advice.

Drink wrote:

Rather than starting a new topic, I'll revive my old one.

Currently my score is 659. It took a big dip to 640 when I had to max my card in Aug. I know this was going to happen, but not this much.

Recently my limit on my CC has increased to $500 about a month ago and i got approved for a Walmart yesterday for $400 I believe.


I also payed of one of my debts with was only $200, but i still have others.


I have two questions.

Whats my next step in building my score and what should the 3rd card be.

Your Walmart card is a GE card.  That's good, they grow.  You can try for a CLI in about 4 months.  You could try a secured card, maybe one that will graduate.  BOA or WF are a couple of ones that come to mind.


 What are the negatives on your CR.  You say you paid some,  didyou get the TL removed?  If not have you sent a GW to them?




Is it better to pay a debt in full or pay the settlement...or does it not matter.

 Doesn't really matter, the negative still reflects no matter what.  Try a PFD for those, it would be better to get them removed.

...three questions.




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