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Re: Looking for advice.

GE is the bank that backs the card.  GE backs a lot of different cards.  Like Walmart, Lowes, Old Navy, etc.  They are generous with increasing your limits if you treat them right.  That's what's meant by growing.


A graduating card.  One that starts out as a secured card, then graduates to unsecured and moves on like any other CC.


PFDs are meant to go to whomever is posting on your CR or owns the debt.  If the OC has it, you pay them, a CA has it, you pay them.  Basically it's a type of GW.  You offer to pay the debt if they agree to delete from your CR.


A GW is meant for anyone who you don't owe money too.  Just because a debt that went bad is finally paid doesn't mean all is good.  It's still a bad debt because it's status went bad and it stays on your CR as a bad debt.  you write a letter to them to ask a gesture of goodwill and delete it.

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