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Long Time Lurker- Finally Decided to join and would like your valued opinions

I have been lurking on this board for about six months now and finally decided to create an account and make my first post. I have not checked my actual FICO but has me around 630 which is up quite a bit from one year ago. I currently have an Orchard Bank card that was just raised from $300 to $450 which I have had since April and also my girlfriend signed me up as an authorized user on her $500 BECU Visa card which she has had since 2005. We keep our utilization right around 10% each month and I have been making sure to not go late on any bills. Well on to my questions. I just pulled my Experian report and would like your knowledgeable opinions on what actions I should take.


Item 1- NCC Business Services:

Account type- Collections

Account scheduled to continue on record until June 2013

Recent Balance- $500

Responsibility- Joint with xxx

This account happened when I was living in another state and came home when my father passed away. I gave my roommate my share of rent but his check bounced and we were evicted. He was supposed to take care of it but obviously didn't. I know this is coming off soon but my girlfriend and I would like to start looking for a house to buy soon as our lease is up in July. I could do a PFD if you guys think that would work.


Item2- Merchants Credit

Account Type- Collections

Will not fall off until 2015

Balance- $84


I do not know what this is from as this is the first I have seen of this. Since it is such a small amount I have no problem doing a PFD. Do you think this is my best route?


Items 3,4,5 are all with Sallie Mae

Account Type- Collections

Scheduled to fall of December 2013

Statements: Paid in settlement Paid Off, Transferred Closed, Transferred To Another Lender

The first account I did a settlement with a collection agency before I read these boards and did not ask for a PFD. The second says transferred to other lender and the third says transferred to another lender. I think all three of these loans were grouped together when I paid the CA.


Ok so there are my baddies. Please any advice would be great. Also, there are two addresses on my report that I never lived at. Should I send disputes to all three asking for these to be removed?