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Re: Long Time Lurker- Finally Decided to join and would like your valued opinions

Welcome to the forums!


The first account is scheduled to fall off, but you need it dealt with sooner. PFD would probably be the best route for this account. The next would be paying it down if they just will not budge on a PFD because you probably won't get a mortgage with any outstanding collections on your credit report.


The second account...medical? Don't know what it is? DV them. Get all information you can about the validity of this debt. If it is yours and it is verified, offer to PFD. Again, the worst case scenario is you pay the relatively low amount so you can get the mortgage if they absolutely will not budge on a PFD.


I have no idea at all about the Sallie Mae's. My initial thought is "good luck on that one" but I wish I had a better outlook on it. I am sure someone on these boards is familiar with what you can do on that. I am in a credit rebuilding stage myself and this information is just my interpretation of what I have read and been told. There are other far more knowledgeable members that I am sure will be on to provide you with the exact information or better for that matter. Good luck to you on the purchase of your home!

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