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Re: Long Time Lurker- Finally Decided to join and would like your valued opinions

sohcd16 wrote:

I have been lurking on this board for about six months now and finally decided to create an account and make my first post. I have not checked my actual FICO but has me around 630 which is up quite a bit from one year ago. I currently have an Orchard Bank card that was just raised from $300 to $450 which I have had since April and also my girlfriend signed me up as an authorized user on her $500 BECU Visa card which she has had since 2005. We keep our utilization right around 10% each month and I have been making sure to not go late on any bills. Well on to my questions. I just pulled my Experian report and would like your knowledgeable opinions on what actions I should take.


Item 1- NCC Business Services:

Account type- Collections

Account scheduled to continue on record until June 2013

Recent Balance- $500

Responsibility- Joint with xxx

This account happened when I was living in another state and came home when my father passed away. I gave my roommate my share of rent but his check bounced and we were evicted. He was supposed to take care of it but obviously didn't. I know this is coming off soon but my girlfriend and I would like to start looking for a house to buy soon as our lease is up in July. I could do a PFD if you guys think that would work.

 This account is at the end of life.  You could try for a PFD, also see if you can get a bargain.  Offer $200, see what they say.


Item2- Merchants Credit

Account Type- Collections

Will not fall off until 2015

Balance- $84


I do not know what this is from as this is the first I have seen of this. Since it is such a small amount I have no problem doing a PFD. Do you think this is my best route?

Send them a DV, find out exactly what it's for, it's old too.  If they validate, send a PFD.


Items 3,4,5 are all with Sallie Mae

Account Type- Collections

Scheduled to fall of December 2013

Statements: Paid in settlement Paid Off, Transferred Closed, Transferred To Another Lender

Send a GW for these.


The first account I did a settlement with a collection agency before I read these boards and did not ask for a PFD. The second says transferred to other lender and the third says transferred to another lender. I think all three of these loans were grouped together when I paid the CA.


Ok so there are my baddies. Please any advice would be great. Also, there are two addresses on my report that I never lived at. Should I send disputes to all three asking for these to be removed?

 Yes, you can dispute those off.

Actually you're in pretty good shape.  These are all odd accounts and would be off in a year on their own.  Good Luck!

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