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Re: Long Time Lurker- Finally Decided to join and would like your valued opinions

Thank you both very much.




You wrote, "This account is at the end of life.  You could try for a PFD, also see if you can get a bargain.  Offer $200, see what they say." 

I would love to do this. I remember seeing some pre-written letters that basically are saying that I am in no way acknowledging that this debt is mine, but if you can show me it is would you be willing to take xxx amount of money for a deletion. This way you do not start the 7 years over again. Do I have this correct, and if so any link to said example letters?


Also, I understand my first step s to try and remove any old or incorrect addresses, but after that should I GW Sallie Mae, and then attempt the PDF with the medical collections and the rental collections? I really don't want to start the 7 years over, and would just wait but I know that nobody likes giving out mortgages with collections on your record.