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Ok So here is my question.  My ex-husband called me today and I had received a letter at his house dated 11/05/12 for a collection account through STONELEIGH RECOVERY.  It stated that the OC was GE.  I do not ever recall having an account with the OC and the collection agency is NOT showing up on my CR.  However, I am under contract to purchase a home and if this account pops up on my report, I will not be approved for my mortage.  they have offered me a settlement of $300 if paid by 11/30.  Should I just go ahead and pay this to avoid it popping up on my cb report?  The OC is NOT showing up on my report.  The address that the letter was sent to is an address that I haven't lived at in 2 yrs.  I just don't want to risk losing my dream home!


Thanks everyone for your help!!!


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