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Re: Pre-approval with NFCU...They approved me!!

Elcid89 wrote:

favored12 wrote:
I couldn't freakin believe it!! I've been with NFCU since 2010 but I mainly use them for savings. I applied for the rewards card back in May and got denied. I started cleaning up my credit in July so it's been about three months now. My score is slowly inching up but still nowhere near ready to apply for big purchases. Yesterday, I got the pre-approval for NFCU in the mail yesterday and got antsy. I decided to go for it and applied online with the code offer. I got a message saying they would review and have a decision within 24 hrs. I checked back this morning and to my surprise I my pending status had changed to approved!!! Then I opened the message and it stated congratulations-based on your credit worthiness you've been approved for NFCU cash rewards card with a credit limit of $10,000!!!! I had to log out and back in to make sure I was reading it right!! I'm so excited and greatful for the opportunity to rebuild especially after getting denied so many times in the past. My scores are really low and I'm not sure which bureau they pulled from but I don't care! LOL! I'm hoping to master this utilization tool so that I can get these scores boosted and ready for home ownership!

Congratulations! I switched all of my primary banking to NFCU many years ago for precisely this reason - they take care of their customers.


Now, treat them right, and they'll be there for you whenever you need them.


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Where I want to be in 24 months! Haha! Good job buddy!

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