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Equifax "not removing collection" problem
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hi folks.

I need help with an Equifax issue.


3-4 months ago,  I succeeded with a collection deletion but only Transunion and Experian have so far deleted it, NOT Equifax; and this despite the deletion letter being to sent to all three. I called Equifax and they said I have to dispute it which I did and it didn't work. it came back verified (also strange since CA agency requested it to be deleted). I also had the CA send the letter out twice and that didn't work either. I'm not sure what to do now. how do I get Equifax to delete this collection?. I have the deletion letter myself  too. Is there a department I can send it to at EQ or call?


thank you!

EX 733 (Lender Pulled)
TU 745 (Lender Pulled)
EQ 738 (Lender pulled)