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Re: Help trying to get out of this stump!
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Before applying for a new credit card to transfer the balance, I would call each of the cards you have and ask two things 1)Lower the interest rate. You can tell them that you would like to transfer the balance from another card to their company, otherwise you are going to transfer the balance OUT. 2) ask for a higher CL in order to do this. Each higher CL, will also have the effect of lowering your utilization, which would make it easier if you needed to get another card to transfer the balance.


WTFXCU might be a good place to start. Tell them you'd like to transfer some balances in, but you need a higher credit limit. They may bite they might not. 8% would certainly be better than 30%.


With scores in the 660s you should be able to get another card if it comes to that. The CC forums might be a better place to ask for the specific cards that would be best for low/no interest balance transfers as a promo.