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Re: Equifax "not removing collection" problem



Last night, I emailed Equifax about this matter and attached the deletion letter as well. This morning I received a response stating that "accurate information will not be removed". I called the CA up and had them re-send the deletion letter for the FOURTH time. Mind you that this CA is very easy to communicate with. Right after that , I called Equifax and had a 30-minute conversation which started with them claiming they HAVE NOT received any deletion letters and ended with a re-investigation case being opened to verify the validity of the deletion request. I immediately called the CA again and gave them the heads up about the outreach which will be made to them by Equifax about this matter.  So here I am 3 months later with an additional 30-day re-investigation period pushing this thing through with damn Equifax which took Experian literally ONLY 10 hours to have removed. no joke. 10 hours. When the clock turned 00.00 the next day, I refreshed my report and BOOM it was gone. I was shocked.  Transunion took a few weeks but nevertheless, they did it!!.Now I know why Experian decided to detach itself from the other two and why they are the number once choice for lenders to use.

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