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Better Business Bureau/Calvary Portfolio Services - RANT

Hello Everyone,


I filed a complaint with the BBB for Calvary Portfolio Services in regards to a debt from HSBC.  I've requested debt validation several times from Calvary and they haven't sent the debt validation documents.  I called as well and have the name of the person I spoke with and the date and time of the call.  Instead of agreeing to send me the documentation to validate the debt, the person I spoke with started yelling and said, "pay your debt and stop trying to prolong the process".  When she started yelling and wouldn't let me speak, I hung up the phone.


I received an response from the BBB.  Calvary still didn't validate the debt but instead went on a letter rant advising the BBB that I have a history of bad debt.  They put in the letter the reason for my bankruptcy in 2003 and detailed how several accounts included in the bankruptcy were with Calvary.  They even gave the BBB information on my mother whom I co-signed for a car with back in 2000.  I was shocked when I read the response.  I've never seen a CA do anything like this and release personal information about me in a letter when I was just requesting debt validation.


At the end of the letter , it says the debt can be settled in the amount of $300.00.  This account is from 2006 and was charged off in 2011.  The young lady that wrote the letter is a paralegal.  I want to just pay the debt in full now because I don't want anymore trouble from this young lady or Calvary.  I know once I pay the debt in full, requesting a GW is just a waste of time.  I just want to see if anyone has ever experienced this with an CA.  I mean this letter is unprofessional and all due to requesting a validation which they still haven't supplied.