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Re: More Midland Drama

CAs on the up and up send proper validation.


those that aren't on the up and up and are sleazy and trying to work the system, don't.


They are playing "stupid" so that it covers their ass. When they then don't give you what you want it puts the power in their hands and they are trying to call your bluff that you won't strike back, that you'll either just give them the info and buy them more time to "validate" this while adding interest or other fees. OR they hope you'll just ignore it and then they can move in faster making you look like you didn't do your due diligence.


Either way send a third and final letter stating specifically  that this would be the last attempt you'll make requesting validation of the debt and that it is not a dispute and that them ingoring this request a 3rd time even though the 1st request was timely, that you would then be seeking what your legal options are.


Do it - you can send letters till your blue in the face but after that 30 day window they will be able to claim you never requested validation but rather that you disputed it...


This way your creating a paper trail that you did your job and they ignored it.


Then if they give you the same response again, file formal complaints against them for direct violation of refusing to validate a debt that they claimed you owed when you asked for such validation in a timely manner not only once but 3 times.


They are playing a game, you need to step it up and play hardball with them or otherwise you'll spin wheels till its too late and they are back to having the upper hand.

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