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First Premier Charge Off reporting lates

I had a First Premier account charged off back in November of 2007. I started receiving notices from First National Collection Agency (?) at the first of the year. I called First Premier and they told me they no longer had the account. The CA was not reporting on my CBR, so I agreed to settle with them in March in hopes they would not show up on CBR.  Within a few weeks, the original First Premier charge off was updated to show settled, and I got a nice score bump (utilization went down).  I have not seen my EQ report since then (had to cancel scorewatch for a bit), but today I reactivated scorewatch and was surprised when it said one of the negative factors affecting my score was recent lates. First Premier apparently went back and changed every month prior to March to show 120+ late. My score has stayed about the same since March, even though I have added some credit cards (only 1 in March) and a collection fell off.  I have not had any late payments on anything since the original First Premier charge off in 2007. Can they do that? If they sold to CA can they continue to report late? Seems a bit fishy to me.

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