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Re: First Premier Charge Off reporting lates

The fact that they took and reported a charge-off is immaterial to continued delinquency on the debt, as a charge-off removes the debt from their internal assets, and not from consumer oblitation to pay the entire debt.

Thus, provided they still owned the debt, it was permissible for them to continue to report your level of continued delinquency with them.

When did they actually sell the debt?  Once sold, no, you no longer can have reportable lates with them, but they can go back and update delinquencies while the debt was still owed to them.


If they sold the debt prior to its payment, which is apparently the case, then they were required at that time tohave reported $0 debt balance on their account.  that terminates their obligation.  Later settlement with the new owner would then become irrelevant to them, so I suspect their reporting was one of having sold the debt, not of its later settlement with the new owner.