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Re: Equifax "not removing collection" problem

Wow, I'm having the exact same issue but not with EQ or EX, but with TU!  EQ and EX deleted immediately after the CA requested deletion.  TU is refusing, keeps saying they haven't received anything, and then they put it into a dispute mode that's making me wait 30 days for resolution.  The CA has requested deletions at least twice if not 3x now.   TU is deliberately holding on to it like they know my personally and I did something to them.


Now on another collection, I had TU and EX delete immediately without question, but EQ changed the reporting to IIB and refuses to change it, says its reporting correctly.  The CA - actually Midland - says they sent a deletion but EQ is not honoring it.


So I guess your experience depends on the mood they're in that day. Or week.