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Re: More Midland Drama

Thats a shame they verified, it would have been a lot easier of course if they hadnt.  But it doesnt really mean anything if they do validate online, all the cras do is rubber stamp what MCM tells them.    You may have to initiate litigation if you want to take it that far.  Depending of course what you want to do with the situation.   McM will walk all over you if you let them, they re just that type of company.   It sounds like their typical fcra violation.   Have you filed complaints with the bbb, ftc , or your states attorney general?   This will occasionally get results.   If you type in MCM and the word lawsuit, you ll find hundreds of examples of despicable behavior.   Then they ll hire shyster attorneys to sue you in small claims court with affidavits which are complete jokes.   Their robo-signing mills are one of the many reasons they ve been sued and sued by attorney generals across the country.

 good luck though