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Re: DV'd through email

So, I emailed them again last week and still hasn't gotten the usual quick response from them (by mail or email)... I asked who was the "true" lender of the account and when was the date of first delinquency occurred... I told them the validation wasn't so clear to me as the OC on the statement they sent was from the school but the loans on the statement were from department of education and a private lender (TFC -- this was the lender what went charged off and went to collection --  just recently got deleted off of my reports)... i do believe that when TFC went to collection, it was sold to this company "fidelity" and instead of TFC as the OC, they reported the name of the school as the OC instead...... so now, the delete date was moved to 06/2013 instead of 12/2012...... this last collection should've off of my reports this month or next month but now, I have to wait anoter 6 months or so to get deleted...... how can I verify all these infos???

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