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Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Ok so I have been waiting for about 3 weeks, my credit reports were cleen I have checked everyday for 2 weeks solid. I was waiting for my Wells Fargo secured to report with a $3 bal. $300 limit! Well this morning it appeared. But I realized something was wrong when I loged into credit Karma I always have to fill out the questions due to a thin file, everything was usual till I came to this page asking questions to verify my identity. I am 19 so I dont have a mortgage nor any other accounts just my Wells Fargo card, they asked about some weird things too. Well I now have to send them my birth certificate and my Drivers License to confirm who I am. 


Then I logged into Experians monitoring service and updated and was very excited my score is a 725/850! I am just going to buy like a candy bar from now on each month and pay it when the bill comes. I like that score very much. I want to buy a small condo in about 1 1/2  years for around $21,000 for college (I go to a junior college now so no rent Smiley Happy ) Already talked to the loan officer at Wells Fargo and siad they can do that amount just need employment history and credit history. 


Then I log into the Transunion report online and am horrified to find out my score is a 556! The wells fargo card did the inquiry there which I knew thats were they will pull for a condo loan when I apply so that one I want to be squeeky clean. Well I have over $3,000 owed it says and that I am delequent and all kinds of bad stuff on cards that are not mine. and also added alot of new adresses and names to my report! I called transunion and the lady was really nice and helped me by disputing them over the phone. I think I may file a police report as well and send a letter to all the creditors. I called them all and they said they didnt show me as having a account with them based on my social security number. I had my ss card with me so i had the right # for sure! Wells fargo is reporting very nicely but these other place are not.. 


Exquifax - None I dont have history yet they say... 


So what should I do now? Am I runied till they disapear should I go to the police station and file a report? and send copies to them?