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Re: How do I write an Pay for Delete letter?

strong_lady wrote:
I have read the forums for writing an pfd but i just want to make sure that I got it right.  What is the correct way to write an letter.  Could someone send it to me?  Also... does it matter if its for an credit card company, hospital bill or any other bill or does it vaires?  Should I call first and tell them that I will pay the whole balance if they send me an pfd letter or should I be the one to send it first. 
Do you usually have to pay in full for an pfd or can you make monthly payments with the creditor deleting the transaction after you have paid or must you have the whole full balance.  I have an hospital bill from 10 years ago and its about $1,500 would it be insane to ask them to do an pfd if i make monthly payments until paid off in full?

Hi strong,


A couple of questions...


Are you talking about the original creditor (OC) or a collection agency (CA)?


Is this still reporting on your credit reports?


What is the statute of limitations in your state?


What is the date of first delinquency on this account?


Let us know the details on this account. It may be that this account is no longer collectable. Also, because it is a medical bill, you may be able to get it removed via the HIPPA process (if it is still reporting). Give us the details.