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Re: Madmann26's rebuild thread
Congrats madman I'm starting at same spot you started at (low 500's) opened a open sky secured cc 3 months ago, applied bank secured $200 this month and $1000 secured personal loan for 36 months with my credit union. I also just sent out DV letters to bout 6 CA agency yesterday and 623 to Macy's and first premier bank and auto loan creditor. Hopefully I can achieve fast results like u have! Cheers!

Starting Score: Exp:513 | TU:541 | EQ:517 - 11/13/2012
Current Score: Exp:623 | TU FICO:639 | EQ FICO:743 - 01/24/2012
Wallet: Applied Bank $200, OpenSkyCC $300, 1st Tech CU Secured $2k, Discover IT $1.5k, CITI AA $2.8k, USAA AMEX $7.5k
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