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Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

I was contacted by a collection agency (Peter Roberts and Associates, Inc) about an unpaid medical bill totaling $171 dollars.  I had no idea about this bill until it showed up on my credit report.  I asked them to verify the debt (which they did) but will not accept a PFD.  


I'd really like to get this off of my report and have the money to pay for it.  The debt is from a hospital visit at Harvard Vanguard in Boston.  When I go onto the hospital's website, it gives me the options to pay a bill using the account number (provided on the DV letter Peter Roberts provided).  Is there a possibility that if I pay it through their website I can dispute the debt with the CA saying it was paid?  


HELP! What should I do.  I'd like to pay the debt regardless (because I owe it), but don't want to make a mistake doing the wrong thing.