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Joint Macy's Delinquent... Surprised this is issue!

Okay, Im fustrated so debated rather I wanted to post.... But I just have never heard of this, never seen it, and I'm both blah, irritated, sad, etc. over it...


I have a joint Macy's Store and Amex... They are both delinquent and they call me once a day usually 1 time for store and 1 time for Amex IF I answer and take phone call.


So... The part I'm confused, whatever feelings....


I have spoke with them quite a bit and have now asked 2 different people about a hardship program for both accounts and paying.

I have been told to a very long angry drawn out process that if they can not speak to the joint card holder they are not allowed to put accounts into any payment programs or to settle an account.  I can't get joint to do anything, they have not reached joint and they refuse to work with me if it's not to just pay in full or to pay the delinquent payments over 3 month period and remove fees... the plus they sell to me is the amex is closed but the store card is still open! (I dont want either!)


I literally just got off the phone with a lady and I said "I have never heard of a bank that is basically "refusing" (banks like to use it and I like to use it back!) "refusing to work with a joint cardmember to pay an account vs. charging it off"

She quickly and angerly said: "You can say whatever you want that makes you feel better but you didn't have any trouble charging on the account and now you don't want to make payments"

Me - "Hi, I'm the one that is on the phone with you asking for payment plans so I can pay the account, have you ever reached the joint holder? have they offered you money? then why are you mad at me saying im not paying for what i charged?

the call lasted just another few seconds after that as she said "This conversation is over and you keep going around and around, bye"


I stated earlier in call - as a joint cardholder I had ability to get CLI on both accounts, to close 1 or both accounts, or open furniture accounts, jewelry accounts, and any other type accounts Macy's might offer without speaking with other cardholder because i hold as much power as the other person as a joint account but when it comes to payment in a "plan" or settlement you have to have both agree?


I have NEVER had this happen or even heard of such a thing and further more I have had to do arrangments in past on a joint account and it was not an issue to them as long as my checking account loaded into the computer to take the money!!


Anyone else heard or had this happen?



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