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Re: Joint Macy's Delinquent... Surprised this is issue!

Creditaddict wrote:

wallyworld123 wrote:

I am sorry u have to go through this but, why can't u contact the other person on the account to take care of the problem. One thing about joint is that u r not the only party involved. best of luck to you while dealing with this matter.

seems simple... but it is not an option i am sorry to say... 


Now see I have moved on to bringing better energy to other projects and I'm not even frustrated with this anymore... how long has it been? I need to not write and post things for that amount of time! LOL

I will actively still pursue this but I just have to put in prospective where it fits into my life to move me forward.


Thank you for responses Smiley Happy

Yes venting makes me feel better too lol. Best of luck to you while taking care of this and yes definitely continue to pursue it.