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Credit Bureau Scores vs. FICO Score

When a creditor pulls your credit, do they see the Fico score or do they see the score that the bureau has? I have a 618 Equifax FICO score but on Equifax site I have a 580 score.

I plan to purchase a vehicle soon but want my scores in the 600's before I proceed. Also I had chapter 7 bankruptcy that discharged in June '12.

>Starting Score: EQ 517 TU 514 EX 517 (5/15/2012) Bankruptcy discharge 6/2012
Current Score: EQ 659 TU 633 EX 654
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Credit Bureau Scores vs. FICO Score
The score you see from the CRA's are meant to guide you.

The fico score is what matters.
Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k